Khalifa University: Researchers at Khalifa University, University of Manchester lead breakthrough with Graphene in next-generation technologies

ABU DHABI: Researchers from the Khalifa University of Science and Technology’s Research & Innovation Centre for Graphene and 2D Materials (RIC2D) and the Research Innovation Centre on CO2 and Hydrogen (RICH) have collaborated with others from the University of Manchester to create a new device using graphene to transform next-generation technologies in hydrogen fuel cells, … Read more

HIV: New ‘vaccine-like’ HIV drug could cost just $40: researchers

PARIS: A new ‘vaccine-like’ HIV drug that currently costs over $40,000 per person a year could be made for as little as $40, researchers estimated on Tuesday.The antiretroviral drug Lenacapavir, developed by US pharmaceutical giant Gilead, has been hailed as a potential game-changer in the fight against HIV.Early trials have found the treatment is 100 … Read more

Science: Astrophotographer captures stunning 236,000-mile-long solar wall of plasma

Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau, a 51-year-old Argentinian astrophotographer captured a jaw-dropping 236,000 mile-high wall of Sun plasma. He snapped the amazing spectacle on Wednesday according to New York Post.Eduardo from Rafaela, Santa Fe, has shared his awe-inspiring experience of photographing a colossal solar prominence, captured through his H-alpha telescope.Speaking about the event, he said: “Yesterday, around … Read more

Meet some of the world’s cleanest pigs, raised to grow kidneys and hearts for humans

BLACKSBURG: Wide-eyed piglets rushing to check out the visitors to their unusual barn just might represent the future of organ transplantation – and there’s no rolling around in the mud here. The first gene-edited pig organs ever transplanted into people came from animals born on this special research farm in the Blue Ridge mountains – … Read more

Chandrayaan-3 awarded World Space Award for historic milestone

MUMBAI: Chandrayaan-3, whose success made India world’s first country to have landed near lunar South Pole, has been awarded World Space Award by International Astronautical Federation.Besides India, only the US, Russia and China have achieved the milestone of soft landing on the moon.The award ceremony is scheduled for October 14 during the opening ceremony of … Read more

Plastic Waste Conversion: Study finds how plastic waste can be converted to electronic devices

DELAWARE: The University of Delaware and the Argonne National Laboratory have developed a chemical process that converts Styrofoam into the high-value conducting polymer PEDOT: PSS. The researchers show how improved plastic trash may be successfully integrated into functional electronic devices such as silicon-based hybrid solar cells and organic electrochemical transistors.The research group of corresponding author … Read more

Ditching diapers: Scientists develop new device that lets astronauts drink their pee during spacewalks

Scientists have developed an innovative solution to address the challenges astronauts face when nature calls during spacewalks outside the International Space Station (ISS). The current method involves wearing a disposable diaper inside the spacesuit, known as a maximum absorbency garment (MAG), which can lead to physical discomfort, skin irritation, and infection during lengthy spacewalks that … Read more

First female stratosphere skydive pushed to 2026

The groundbreaking skydive by a female from the stratosphere, which would have been the first of its kind, has been postponed until 2026.Rising United, a non-profit organisation, is spearheading the Hera Rising project, which involves sending one of three highly skilled skydivers, who were selected last year, into the stratosphere using a balloon. The skydiver … Read more